Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update and a small start on a small project

Okay so I seriously need to pick up my textbooks and put down the stitching. So tonight I vow to make a serious dent in my school work before I pick up the needle again!

But here is my HAED update, Sleepy Spring:

Here is a small project I was gifted by Deborah (I have not figured out how to make this clickable with her name yet... hmmm I need blogger help! lol) anyways at first I thought, "Oh no! I can't do this it has beads!" GASP But I keep seeing all these wonderful smalls created into beautiful finishes and I want to learn how to do those as well! I can't learn if I just let it sit! So anyways this one has good instructions and in the end it can be a pin or a magnet, and the beads do not look too hard, though I have yet to put one on yet as it says to do all the cross stitching first. I'm having fun with this one too! Oh it will be a wreath and its kinda strange material, like plastic sort of, which will allow me to cut out the middle.

Last but someone had asked me what teacher pattern I was going to be doing when I get my order from 123 stitch

OH one more because he is so cute! My 5 year old Jacob! :) (I have to laugh here he is so tan! My daughter has fair fair skin and he's so tan always! Next time I'll snap a picture of her, however she's 12 and it is not so cool now to get your picture taken!)


  1. Beautiful stitching.
    I can help you with your blogger questions.

  2. Nice stitching. To create a link, all you do is highlight the word you want linked to a website, then click on the icon that looks like a world with a paperclip, a box will pop up where you type in the website. Click OK and viola! It's linked.

  3. The stitching looks great, and you'll find when you get to them that beads are easy peasy (certainly easier than french knots!) :-)

  4. Your HAED is coming right along. Hard to put school first when you know what is waiting to be worked on!

  5. Nice stitching! One of my DD's was really a 'tan' child also and rest very fair. I always teased her when she was an adult that she was switched at birth. Luckly they all know my twisted sence of humor! LOL

  6. Your stitching is great. Beads are easy. I felt the same way you did when I first did them :)