Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not enough time to stitch!

As my fingers itch to stitch, my professors hand out the work. Sigh..... I mean really they think nothing about saying I'll take a 15 page paper next week, on five journal articles, your choice on these education topics. Okay okay I know, I'll learn great things! lol However it's seriously cutting into my time. Okay and I admit I seem to waste time online (GASP!) looking at blogs and websites and pictures, and well the list goes on!

I really wanted to try to figure out this blog a bit more, however that seems to be at the bottom of the list, however whenever I attempt to put a picture in my blog it always ends up at the top of the post? Why? then I have to copy and paste the strand of html for my picture and paste it where it should be. I use the little add photo icon up at the top here.

Anyways onto my stitching news!

I went to my LNS, I went years ago once with a friend when I attempted to start stitching again, but ended up being very fustrated with linen and never finished. I have no clue where that project went... it was really pretty. Paula Vaughn with a little girl and her mom in a sewing room I think it was. Anyways, I still have yet to finish Lacey, backstitching just doesnt seem to be much fun, and I do not have the money nor the supplies (okay I really do not know what to buy to frame it myself, I wander around Michaels, not knowing what to buy to frame it myself, but anyways................. I must stay on topic!

Here is what I bought:

3 pieces of fabric to go with the charts I bought, I know at least one was cashel, but I havent a clue which now. They are all 28 count though and I did start on the 100% Boy one by Lizzie Kate, its going slow, but I am getting it! My eyes really should be a little stronger or maybe my glasses are not working (giggle!).

I also got "The Teacher" not sure how this picture will come out, so I googled it and am posting the picture here. It's by Butternut Road. Mill Hill Beads Pansy pattern, I have the one wreath I'm doing and I love it, so I'm braving the beads again! Another Lizzie Kate (I like her!) Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that will grow forever Okay I admit since I'm going to be a teacher, I love love teacher designs, though this one is for one of my favorite professors/teacher.

So I got all that for the very low price of $52. Or all this! :)

Here is my progress on my first linen project (I can say first right since I intend not to give up can't I? I did do about 20 stitches on the Paula Vaughn one years ago though! But I think it qualifies to say its my first! :)

Here is my slow progress of Sleepy Spring my HAED, which by the way they are having a huge sale right now and theres several I really really want! However, I know I have enough and my money for stitching should be put to fabric (lots of smalls I want to do and learn to finish!) and floss. Oh by the way I bought some floss from Meari comign to me, lets see if I can put her blog link in correctly! :) Shop here from her stash!
well I can't figure out to make it pretty with only her name (and I did hit the icon for the hyperlink) hmmm.... anyways take a peak! I can't wait to get more floss as I build my floss collection! :)
Here is Sleepy Spring:

Uggg that photo thing!
On to my wreath the bead one! I even took a picture of the back. I really attempted to do a good job on the back, because it can be a pin, however sigh.... I could never give it away as a pin. But I still love it, still have enjoyed stitching on it! I havent started the beads yet (the pattern says to do all cross stitching, but soon I say, soon!


Well that is it for my stitching news! Thanks for looking! Back to those books!


  1. Carolyn,

    Sounds like school is keeping you very busy! Nice stash haul! I've always admired that Butternut Road piece, I like most of her designs. The 28 count really is not bad to do once you get the hang of it. I just started using it myself this past year. Haven't tried any higher count yet, although I have it in my stash.

  2. You have some nice projects to work on. Will be watching them grow with you. Good luck with school,,education is always good.

  3. Everything looks wonderful - don't you just love new stash? Darned old school cutting into the stuff we'd rather be doing. My school days are long over, but now it's my domestic goddess duties that cut into my stitching/reading/laying around time.

  4. You sound pretty busy, but your stitching looks awesome!

  5. College does take up a great deal of time. I remember that from when I was studying to be a computerized accountant several years ago. Your stitching looks great! Keep up the great work!

  6. As far as the photos go, they always go at the top and you have to manually drag them down where you want them. The pin?? After you are done stitching just iron on some pellon and that will cover the stitches and glue a pin on the back. Nice progress with the HAED and good luck with the linen.

  7. For the photo situation, you may want to try changing to the Updated Editor under Global Settings. Personally, I didn't like the new editor so I just copy and paste my photos to where I want them in my blog entries.

    LOL, your attempt to link my name didn't work but that's OK. If you need help on linking, I can help you with that too.

    Congrats on your stash enhancement. Linen/evenweaves take a little getting used to but once you "get it", you got it. I switch between aida and linen/evenweaves all the time.