Friday, February 19, 2010

My first finish on linen

After frogging and frogging and more frogging I finally have a finish. There is one error in it but I just have to say I'm hoping people do not go up to it and count my stitches!
I love working on linen! However I really need better light to really do anything that would have more detail!

No progress on my HAED this week, only worked on this project. After all my frogs, my son says he wants me to give this to Daddy and make him the one from the same patten sheet that says "Dude" (rolling eyes here).
I need to frame it and it is going on his wall! :)

Without anymore words since I have a huge research paper to do now, here is a picture. If anyone has an idea on what framing supplies to buy, I've been studying Meari's blog (I wont even attempt to link you because my attempts do not seem to work! lol But I'm confused what kind of frame to buy. I know I need the acid free foam board stuff, and the tacky glue, but the frame and that brown paper, I"m not sure where to get.

Oh and by the way I went to my LNS again and bought way too much. They do not sell scraps for small projects. But they did cut me a ton of small pieces for ornaments, they just had on hand a copy of the Just Ornaments magazine that I had left at home, so I picked out a bunch and they cut them for me! But I wish I had some scraps for the little freebies,etc to have on hand. Like now I saw on my ILCS group this beautiful set of doorways that are free. But no fabric and they do not seem like they would take a lot, or the free one many did that said Love, etc etc etc
Maybe I should just buy X amount to have here? And cut it as I need it? But then what color is good for everything? White? Off white??
The choices are endless. And gosh all those finishes on the ornaments. Hint hint someone should post tutorials for finishing ornaments! :)

Okay I said way up I'd quit talking!


  1. very nice, congrats on the finish.

  2. Love it! I can't wait to say I completed my first finish on Linen. Maybe one day. Congrats to you!!

  3. Cute finish.
    I've bought large pieces of fabric (one is white, one is 'champagne' - very very lightly colored), and just cut them as I need. I've always something at hand like that. It's moslty Aïda fabric though, good linen is hard to find around here.

  4. It's great and well done on your first go. I generally buy large pieces of off white/cream to cut down for ornaments/cards etc, works out cheaper that way and I always order off the internet as it's cheaper than my local LNS. I still use a lot of aida for ornaments or cards though as its easier to get hold of in small pieces in different colours.

  5. Nice project. Linen is lovely fabric to stitch on.
    There are plenty of sites and blogs on the WWW that give tutorials on finishing. Maybe after you've studied for you exams .....:)

  6. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to see more linen finishes. Since I started stitching on linen I can't stitch on aida any more...

  7. Congrats on your finish! I am new to linen also and love the look of it.

  8. Congrats on your first finish on linen! You did a excellent job

  9. Woo Hoo for your first linen finish - it looks great!

  10. congrats on the finish!! really cute!!!!

  11. Congrats on your first linen finish, Carolyn. Mistakes make it uniquely your own. :) That's my story, anyway!!

    Good luck on your research paper. I have two of those coming due soon.