Saturday, January 30, 2010

One more update!

I placed my first order from 123 stitch today! A teaher pattern! :) and my first linen to go with it, I ordered this fabric: 28 ct. White Jubilee 36x27. I hope that is good for a first timer! Well once I tried linen (from my local stitch store and I had a hard time seeing, now I wear glasses so I am hoping I'll be more successful!

An update!

Wow! So much time has passed as I took a break from just about everything! School has kept me very busy and I'm excited and nervous that I'm nearing the finish line and next semester I'll be student teaching and finally my dream of becoming a teacher will be here! Wow!

Here is my almost finish of Lacy. I need to finish the back stitching, why I can not seem motivated to finish the back stiching is beyond me!

Also I found this in my digging around, Ireally thought I had never finished a project. I have come back and forth to the crafting of cross stitching over the years and I was surprised to find this completed project, I just need to frame it. I remember stitching it vaguely now, gosh how the years blend together, I do remember it took me a long time and when I started it my daughters hands were so small and when I finished it, only one hand would fit. Now my baby is 12 years old, so I'm so glad I have this. I have no clue how to finish it since I have no clue what kind of paint I used to do her hand print and I do not want to risk losing her handprint! Any suggestions are welcomed!

Last but not least, I began my first HAED, I did grid it, or started to which has been extreemly helpful even if it was a pain to do that when all I wanted to do was stitch on it! So here is my start on my HAED!