Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fustration anyone?

So once Lacey was coming along beautiful. Then I discovered I've messed up somewhere along the right side of her. So I attempted to frog her on that side, I ended up putting a hole in my fabric. I attempted to put a patch of fabric on the back and started to stitch on her again. After awhile I realized she is still messed up somewhere which is making the entire pattern off on that side and its driving me CRAZY!

I'm ready to start all over. Does that sound crazy???

Here are some pics of my poor Lacey girl!


  1. Awh. That is so unfortunate.
    Is it possible for you to just "cheat" the spot that is messed up, add or delete a stitch and keep going?

  2. Sometimes you just need to put it away for awhile and then pull it out later after your frustration is gone! She looks pretty so far!

  3. Is that hole serious and will get bigger without sewing or can you stitch over it without problem?
    Other then that she looks fine to me. You might get away with leaving it as it is.